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18) Beauty 08 Updox Patient Portal

Updox Patient Portal

Welcome to Updox with Home Towne Beauty. Since you provided us your email address you will now be able to send secure messages to the staff, receive appointment reminders, download copies of Pre/Post treatment information, regimines statements and so much more!

When you provide us your email address, you will receive an email notification for the ?Updox Secure Patient Portal?. In order to use this service, make sure you give your email address to the reception staff. Dont forget to save http://HTFM.myupdox.com and your username and password.

? Is my information secure and confidential? Yes, Updox keeps your information as secure and confidential as is possible on the Internet. It?s your health/aesthetic record and information is not shared without your consent.


Statements are mailed out to you at the end of each month. If you opt to join the ?Updox Secure Patient Portal? you will also receive an electronic copy of your statement, with a link to pay on line!


? You may have already experienced our new process for reminders. We want to make is easy for everyone to confirm or cancel appointments with ease.

? Your reminder settings with Home Towne Beauty will be the same as Home Towne Family Medicine. However, please note the No Show Policy for Home Towne Beauty is different.

? To make this even easier on you, we?d like to set up your preferences?. Please verify the information is correct with the front office staff. Please notify us immediately if anything changes.

Please select your preferences below, and notify us immediately if anything changes.
Note: if you choose no preference you will receive a text and phone call.
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