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New Patient Letter and Office Policies

Dear New Patient, please read the following information about our office, sign and date below

Welcome to Dr. Shippy's Practice!

We appreciate your trust in us. We strive to provide you with a supportive and encouraging environment on every step of your wellness journey. Please take a moment to read about our office policies, follow-up appointments, and the resources that we offer.

Mission Statement:

The mission of our practice is to provide personalized, innovative, science-based healthcare with a functional medicine approach. We partner with each patient to identify root causes and create a path to vitality. Our intention is for each patient to feel guided and supported in optimizing physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Doctor Patient Relationship:

Because of the nature of her practice, Dr. Shippy encourages all patients to have another medical facility to go to for urgent medical issues. Our office is not set up to handle acute medical situations or medical emergencies. If you do have a medical emergency or become ill and need to visit another doctor, please let our office know.

Patient Communication:

Due to HIPPA policies, all written communication with our office must go through your secure patient portal. This includes labs, medical questions, and any health-related information you would like to share with our office. Please do not communicate any health information to us via regular email. We also welcome your phone calls anytime. If your call is after hours, please leave us a voice mail. We do our best to return calls and provide answers within 24 hours or less.

Contact Information

Phone: 512-732-9975, Fax: 512-328-0700. Address: 6836 Bee Cave Rd. Ste. 114, Austin, TX 78746 Website: AnnShippyMD

Office Hours:

Our office is open Monday-Thursday from 9-5, we are closed on Friday.


Please provide at least one week notice prior to your initial consultation (please read and sign New Patient Cancellation Policy form) and 48 hours? notice for follow up appointments. If you are scheduled on a Monday, we ask that you notify us the Wednesday prior to your appointment. This helps ensure that we can meet the needs of all our patients.

Prescription Refills:

Please contact your pharmacy directly for refills. The pharmacy will contact us for authorization ? this is the most efficient method for obtaining your refills. Be aware that some compound medications can take up to 48 hours, so please plan accordingly.

How to Complete Your Test Kits:

During office hours, our staff is available and happy to answer any questions you have regarding your test kit questions.

Obtaining Results of Diagnostic Tests + Labs:

Test results can take anywhere from a few days to up to 4 weeks. You may request your lab results prior to your consultation, however Dr. Shippy strongly recommends that you wait until either right before your appointment, or you review results with her during your next appointment. Our office will send your results through your patient portal or provide hard copies if your appointment is in-person. Dr. Shippy?s preference to review your test results with you during your appointment is to explain your results thoroughly, with her medical expertise, and in context to your overall health. This helps to avoid any anxiety or confusion over test results that are often misinterpreted.

Follow up Appointments:

Your first follow-up appointment is typically 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation. Follow up appointment times vary depending upon your health issues at the time and how many labs/diagnostic tests you will be reviewing with Dr. Shippy. Typically, your first follow up appointment is 1.5 to 2 hours, subsequent appointment times will vary dependent on the complexity of your health and your progress. Ideally, as you improve or your health goals are reached, your appointments will shorten in duration and your visits will become less frequent.

Clinic Store and How to Purchase/Re-Order Supplements:

SHOP IN OUR OFFICE. You are welcome to come in anytime during our business hours to shop for supplements.

SHOP ONLINE. Dr. Shippy has a public and private supplement store on her website (shop.annshippymd.com). Patients only have access to her private online store. Please call our office for instructions on how to create an account.

SHIPMENTS. For online orders you may choose to have your order shipped, pick-up at the office, or use our courier service (select option at checkout or call us for courier service). If you would like to place your order over the phone, please call before 2 pm to ensure that your order will ship the same day. If you prefer UPS please call our office.

Insurance Policy:

Dr. Shippy?s office does not take health insurance or Medicare. We provide you with a receipt after each visit that you may submit along with a claim to your insurance provider (excluding Medicare) for reimbursement. Each insurance policy is different, and we cannot predict if and how much you will be reimbursed. We encourage you to call your provider with reimbursement questions. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards as well as Health Savings Accounts as payment for services.

Disability, Worker?s Compensation or other Legal Matters:

Due to the nature and size of our office, we are not able to assist with legal matters such as disability claims, worker?s compensation, or other legal matters. If you have any questions, please speak to one of the nurses or the patient care coordinator.

Staff Directory:

Here is a directory of our wonderful team that serves you in the office: Lana RN, Nurse, Robin RN, Nurse, Amity, Patient Care Coordinator, Michelle, Wellness Store Manager, Veronica, Administrative Assistant, Juli, Administrative Assistant , Susan, Project Manager.


You will find an abundance of health information on our website, including functional medicine articles, recipes, and links to valuable resources that Dr. Shippy has been collecting over the years to help you on your wellness journey.

IV Therapies / Wellness Services:

We offer a variety of services for you to achieve not only health, but optimal wellness for mind, body, and spirit right here in our office. Ask us about our Immune Boosting IV treatments, lymphatic treatments, and other cell therapy treatments.

Follow Dr. Shippy on Social Media:

Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Twitter for more news about our office and what Dr. Shippy is up to!


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Prices and Charges for New Patient & Follow Up Appointments

New Patient Appointments are $4200. Follow up appointments are $720 per hour. Payments are collected at time of visit. We do not accept any health insurance and Dr. Shippy has opted out of Medicare. Forms of payment accepted: Cash, all major credit cards, check, Health Savings Accounts (HSA). By signing this form you agree to pay Dr. Shippy's fees in full on day of service.

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