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Add Link to Web Page AJBMD Video Room Notification AJBMD-Nurse Ready for Neurology Case AJBMD-Quick Mobile Text from Home Page Apractis Clinic Library Access Request Confirm Updox Login Family Available for Consult Info Now Family Contact Information General Neurology Request-with CCC contact Go To Assist Code Request NeuroDox--Create New User within Virtual Clinic Notify Andrew Barbash, MD that Patient is Ready NowDox-ED Neuro Triage Form NowDox-Nurse Ready for Neurology Case Nurse/Care Manager Secure Message for Andrew Barbash, MD Other Hospital or Facility Neurology Advice (Physician/Mid-Level Use Only) Patient/Family Caregiver Registration Patient/Family Caregiver Request Virtual Care PERSONAl/MY FAMILY ONLY-From Ellie to Andy Physicians/Mid-Levels Secure Message for Andrew Barbash, MD Podio Access Request Radiologist Report of Neuro Imaging Secure Messaging Registration with Andrew Barbash, MD Setup Zoom Room Notification Form ShareFile Secure Folders Registration SOC CCC GN Intake Form SOC CCC-Message for Dr Barbash TEST-Acute Stroke Quick Intake TEST-Neuro 911-Stroke but TPA less likely TEST-Neuro 911-TPA Exclusion List TEST-Neuro 911-TPA Probable TESTING-General Neurology Request TESTING-Hospital Neurology Request-NeuroDox Form TESTING-Neurology Followup Updox Clinician Invite Request-General Neurology Updox Connect Request Updox Healthcare Professional Registration Updox Login Request Updox User Login Request-SOC Physician VC-Colorado-Centura Teleneurology Message Form (Physician/Mid-Level Use Only) VC-Florida-(Physician/Mid-Level Use Only) VC-Holy Cross Clinics (first time user) VC-Holy Cross Clinics (Returning User) VC-Maine VC-Massachusetts-Neurology VC-Neurology-Curbside Advice VC-Neurology-Lake Norman Clinic VC-North Carolina VC-Virginia (Physician/Mid-Level Use Only) Virtual Care Primary Care Patient Registration Virtual Clinic HelpDesk Virtual Clinic-Request New Member Invite Request Entry to My Zoom Video Room-AJBMD Virtual Care Request (Physician/Mid-Level Use Only) Web Message for Dr Barbash
Updox User Login Request-SOC Physician

Updox is a secure HIPAA-compliant network that is an official service to SOC. We have a clinician-managed "practice group" that Andy Barbash administers along with Brandon of IT. This is going to be an essential workflow utility for anyone participating in General Neurology, but of course is available to anyone within SOC. Andy will setup a user login and temporary password in Updox for you. The invitation will be sent to the email you entered.

Please check your email for the login information. As soon as you receive it, login to Updox and look in the left side Profile and Settings to update your password. It is generally best to use this from your desktop given the robust functionality. There is a mobile web app that we can advise you about also. If you ever forget the URL, you can always go to www.neurodox.com and the login buttons are there.

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